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i'm new to PayPal

my balance shows 0.00$

i have linked my Credit Card and confirm it

i'm trying to top-up my PayPal Balance but i cant when i click on "Transfer Funds" its says there is nothing to transfer right now try again when you have balance.

how do i get balance if i cant top-up?

also i have noticed something its like a note or something

PayPal works without a balance

You can still use PayPal to shop or send payments when your balance is zero.


what its mean?

is it means that i can make a purchase or send money by PayPal even if my balance is Zero and they will just deduct the money from my Credit Card i have linked to the account?

thank you

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Re: Balance


You never need funds in your Paypal account balance as a buyer. When you purchase an item then Paypal credit the seller for you, this is so there is no delay in the despatch of your item.

Paypal will then take the wait for the funds to automatically transfer directly from your card to reimburse them.

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