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Automatically tick the "Make this a monthly donation"


Automatically tick the "Make this a monthly donation"

I've created a PayPal form for donations which after submitting redirects to a donation page where the user may choose the payment option, enter an amount to donate and make the donation a recurring monthly donation.

I want to customise the form so the user may choose to make the donations monthly before going to PayPal. It means that I wish the tickbox "Make this a monthly donation" ticked automatically. I couldn't find anything in documentation other than "use subscriptions", but subscriptions redirect to a different, less desirable view.

I also want to be able to make the user choose to pay with credit card so s/he is redirected directly to PayPal's visa/credit card payment instead of the usual PayPal login form. I failed to find anything in the documentation on this as well. I used this documentation:

Is any of this possible using donations?

I'm talking about this donations view:


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Re: Automatically tick the "Make this a monthly donation"



Step 3: Set donation amounts

Set the currency of donations and donation amounts:

  1. Select the currency in which you receive donations.
  2. Choose whether donors can give any amount, an exact amount, or provide three set amounts. If you choose the last, enter amounts for all three fields. Donors will also have the option to put in their own amount.
  3. Choose whether to let donors make recurring monthly donations.
  4. Click Continue.

To allow donations with credit cards, go to My Selling Tools > Website Preferences > PayPal Account Optional > Enable 

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Re: Automatically tick the "Make this a monthly donation"

Thank you for your extensive reply! My question was not how to let people pay monthly. It's already enabled. My question was how to set the donation to monthly payment programmatically so when a user is redirected to PayPal page it's selected by default.