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Are payments withheld or transfered directly?

New Community Member

Are payments withheld or transfered directly?

When I buy something from facebook for instance, using send money, and choose "Paying for an item", does the money go directly to the seller, or does it wait until the package arrives to me and I can check it, and then I can release it to the seller?


Re: Are payments withheld or transfered directly?

Hi @AndersEng,


Thank you for joining the PayPal Community Forum! A payment is sent directly to a seller. Depending on some factors, a seller may experience a temporary delay in funds availability, but this is not what you are describing, which would be an escrow service. PayPal does not offer this availability. However, if you take a look at PayPal's Purchase Protection details, you can see the circumstances under which your transaction is covered. If you do not receive the item or the item is different from what was described, you can open a dispute for a refund.


I hope this helps!




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