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So I have unemployment in Colorado from I recently lost my reliacard but I signed up for direct deposit with PayPal. So as soon as I ordered my PayPal cash plus card, I received a routing number and account number. Last week, I applied for benefits (I'm afraid if I don't my account will be canceled) and usually I'd get my benefits on Monday, after setting up direct deposit to my unemployment account, instead of being paid in Monday, which would've been the 31st, I had to wait til Friday the 4th. So it says I got paid but the money doesn't show up on PayPal. I did the same for today, the 7th. It says the money's processed but still no money on my PayPal. Do I have to wait for the card to show up? Also my unemployment has a different email then my PayPal does. Could that be why it's not working? I need help desperately and I'm getting nowhere calling customer services because they all tell me to just wait. But I can't wait I'm going to be homeless if I keep waiting. Anyone know what I should do?
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The email address of your paypal account identifies that account for payment.

So if they are sending to an email address that is not linked then it won't complete.

Add that email address to your paypal account as you can have up to 8 email addresses on the 1 paypal account and receive funds with all of them and the funds should show.

Don't forget to VERIFY the email address after adding it.

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