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-£32.40 on my account for no reason


-£32.40 on my account for no reason

Yesterday i had paid for some items on steam; i had made sure prior to the purchases that i have enough money to buy these.
After paying for them and receiving the game items on steam i had then gotten two emails that a "£16.20 payment has been refused by the bank"
When i checked paypal there is no mention of these payments except for one purchase that both my bank and paypal reports to have gone through successfully at the same price earlier in the day. I am being unable to pay for anything now because i do not have any money i can spend to pay off this debt.
This is unacceptable because i just cannot pay for something twice that both paypal and my bank says went through. 


Re: -£32.40 on my account for no reason

As to further my point; i had never even gotten anything on my summary about failed payments, if not for having emails about it I would just have this money on my account for absolutely no apparent reason even though the reasoning is stealing my money if it can