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1010! Block

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1010! Block

How do we hold these gaming company's legally accountable for the money they owe. My money showed processing to succeed on over 1,000.00 dollars. I followed the rules waited the mandated time to earn the prize. It should be like a job I spent my time working on the game connecting the pieces. So its not like a slot where I pulled a handel and won, so I worked for it, dedicated my time towards it and my payment is like my check. Well when you work for a company they have to pay you. The company even requested our feedback in regards to the game how it can be improved or changes that should be made or things that worked well. Sounds like they owe me the promised amount owed to me or give me a pay check because time is money and all of us believe our time is valuable and you cant just keep making a legal promise and not hold up your end of the agreement.
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Re: 1010! Block



Guess you could take legal action against them BUT as most of them are based in Asia somewhere it would cost you a fortune and they close down and re-open with another 'name' as soon as folks in numbers begin to realise they are all cons.


The large amounts of cash folks are trying to withdraw are a lot more than any game could earn with their advertisement sponsorships.
They just want you to think you will get cash to make you play or watch their ads or videos.
Research first as its very unlikely you are going to get a lot of money from playing a game !

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