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payout payement

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payout payement

Hello ,
our company work on a website e commerce
and in this client site we wants the seller to create their shop and sell their products(like ebay site), and for each belly operation the site must have a commission on the amount paid.
What method of payment do you propose to integrate into the site?

Re: payout payement

PayPal For Marketplaces is the integration option that allows a partner to receive a fee for processing payments.

Directly from the PayPal Developer Documentation.

Our PayPal for Marketplaces solution has two integration paths to choose from based on how you run your business:

  • Connected path. A marketplace model in which each individual PayPal merchant assumes financial liability, rather than you, the partner. All merchants must have PayPal Business accounts.

  • Managed path. A marketplace model in which the partner assumes financial liability. Merchants aren't required to have PayPal Business accounts.

Based on the information that you provided, the Connected path would be the best option for you since it makes it so that the sellers have all financial liability. As the application owner you would receive a small fee for every transaction processed.


Thank you ,