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Permission denied upon refund creation

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Permission denied upon refund creation



I'm facing an issue with the REST Payment API and cannot find any information on it. Also, the information link in the error message appears to be broken.


When creating a refund on an existing capture, I get the following error (PERMISSION_DENIED).




While the HTTP response code is 401 unauthorized, I have a reponse body as opposed to unauthenticated calls.


I didn't change the code making this call and it was working perfectly until this morning. I also didn't change any setting of my application token and seem to have all rights on payments:




The problem doesn't seem related to this particular capture as my previous refund attempts didn't work either.


Thanks for your help,

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Re: Permission denied upon refund creation

Also, is there any emergency tech support line I can reach? I have a lot of pending transactions and my customers are waiting.




Re: Permission denied upon refund creation



This error can come from different scenario. This error means that the API user used on the request does not have enough permission to do a refund. 


This error can for example be triggered when : 

- The API caller that made the Refund request is a different one than the one who did the original capture.

- If you use a third party permission system, you may have not granted the permission to refund to the API caller on the PayPal account Third party permission list.


I invite you to check those configuration to see if the issue came from here.