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Transaction ID with prefix

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Hey guys,

I helped out a friend with a some money because he was sacred that he wasnt payed in time. Later that day he was, and refunded the money and sent me a screenshot. Strange is that after 2 business days i still havent got a notice in my own activity, plus the "U-transaction ID" seems a bit strange to me, anyone knows what that means or if it just takes a little longer?


Thanks in advance!!!!!


Transaction ID with prefix

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Pending refunds can only happen for two reasons.

1. The seller has issued a refund from their bank account which takes time to process.

2. You funded the payment to the seller using bank transfer. What PayPal do here is credit the recipient on your behalf (so there is no delay in despatching your item). Then if you receive a refund in the meantime they are unable to issue this until the original bank transfer completes.

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