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Receiving and transferring funds

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Hello all, I dont use Paypal regularly at all, however, I am in the process of selling a watch and the buyer has asked me to send a request for the payment to her email address.


The cost of the watch is £1500.00 and I am very nervous about the person who has contacted me on Facebook Marketplace about the purchase. My question is when the money lands in my paypal account (if it lands) will i be able to move the funds from that paypal account to my personal bank account quickly before having the watch couriered to the individual who says they want to buy it?


Thank you in advance,


Receiving and transferring funds

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Firstly if a buyer opened a dispute for non receipt of item OR item received but not as described and won the dispute (either because you didn't send trackable OR you didn't describe the item properly on the invoice) then it wouldn't matter if the funds were in your bank account or not as if you didn't refund paypal would put your account into negative until you paid them back again.


Secondly you may be subject to the new seller hold as per link.

Lastly be aware of this SCAM.



They encourage you to accept a direct Paypal payment and may ask you to send the item internationally.
No funds or activity of the transaction shows in your Paypal account and any emails may go into your junk/spam folders.

You will get/got a "fake" email that looks as though it is from isn't because they don't have a Paypal account and have no intention of paying you.
It will say the buyer has paid won't have been paid.
They will tell you that the payment is released when you provide paypal with a tracking/shipping number......this won't happen.

Paypal NEVER tell you to send an item before the payment is showing in your paypal account.
Paypal do not tell you to send trackable, they advise it for selling protection but it is not compulsory.

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