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Primary / Secondary funding

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If primary funding source is exhausted on a purchase does PayPal then take only the difference from bank?


I have a prepaid debit card from a promotional offer. I am trying to buy something in eBay that is $295 but then eBay added taxes which took total over the balance resulting in a decline.


I added that debit card here. If I use that as primary, make a purchase that is $20 over the $300 balance will PayPal take the first 300 from debit card then the last 20 from bank? Is there a way to be SURE the whole purchase is not taken from my bank?  That would kill me.




Primary / Secondary funding

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If you use prepaid card as primary, it has to have enough to cover entire purchase or it will decline.


You can only do split payment with PayPal balance (primary) and a credit card (secondary) for the difference.


Note: It’s not allowed to extract funds off a prepaid (visa/mc/Amex/discover) card to put into your PayPal balance within PayPal. It violates agreement with the prepaid card and PayPal user agreement. 

TIP: for when you have store branded gift cards

How do I exchange a gift card for PayPal balance?

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