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Need help on accepting Paypal Payment

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Help! i'm new to selling on Ebay and someone sent me payment and i don't know how to accept it. i created an invoice but not sure what else to do.


Need help on accepting Paypal Payment


Hello @Jcd6682, thanks for reaching out to the PayPal Community forums about this payment issue. To receive a payment from an eBay sale, you would just want to link your eBay and PayPal accounts, ensuring that the email address on your PayPal account has been confirmed. Is your email on PaPal confirmed? Here is a link to help you check: If your email address on PayPal has been confirmed, you should see the transaction reflected in your PayPal account activity. If you received an email stating that you have received a payment but the payment is not reflected in your actual PayPal account, I would not recommend sending the item until the payment appears in your PayPal account. You should contact PayPal customer support for further assistance.  

- PayPal_Rich

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