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Money taken from bank account after refund issued

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I purchased an item on Ebay on the 2nd of July using my bank account to pay rather than my direct debit card as i had just set using the bank account method up. Since then the item i purchased was out of stock and on the 13th of July i was refunded. On Paypal all these transactions show as normal. What my problem is is that paypal never took the money from my bank account for this transaction until today 15th of July. So in the time i have bought something and been refunded, no money ever left my account for it until today. Now i’m concerned if that refund will actually come through to my bank account seen as on paypal it says i was refunded but 2 days later they have only just taken the payment for that transaction today. Does anyone know if this is normal?

Money taken from bank account after refund issued

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If you funded the payment to the seller using bank transfer. What PayPal do here is credit the recipient on your behalf (so there is no delay in despatching your item). Then if you receive a refund in the meantime they are unable to issue this until the original bank transfer completes.
After you have bought something it can take up to a few days for the funds to leave your bank account as paypal use the cheapest (slowest) option and why they credit the seller in advance.


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