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Money sent not showing up on giver or receiver

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Sent money to correct email to friend via prepaid netspend card. Was decline 2x by PayPal. Once for lack of funds. Didnt know it cost me extra 17. So I added more (20+) to prepaid card. Went back and tried to send it again. PayPal message said declined contact my card issuer. Next day, netspend has the money taken out and receipt shows it went to PayPal to correct email address. But PayPal shows no activity. None on my side or on receivers side. My PayPal account shows nothing. Friends shows nothing. I called netspend. They said call PayPal because it went through to the correct email with the $17 fee. Where did my money go? I sent $430 somewhere. Well, 447 total. Obviously I cant call PayPal.

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