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Serious guest checkout issue on shopify

New Community Member

Serious guest checkout issue on shopify

Hello everyone,


We seem to be having a serious issue. A number of our recent customers reported that they were unable to finalize the purchase through paypal guest checkout. They would go through the entire checkout process, put in their credit card details they click "pay" the payment window would close and they would be back to the checkout page.

We've got already 15 people suffering from this in the last 2 days.

So we investigated and apparently after they "pay" by their credit cards it brings them back to the review page where they have to click "continue to payment method" which is very confusing for them as they just did pay! After that they are two more pages on which they basically have to do the same thing.

We are down a couple of hundred dollars because of this, anything can be done?

please help asap..




New Community Member

Re: Serious guest checkout issue on shopify

My question is, how do I get the process to lead the customer to summary page after they clicked pay and, in their eyes, finalised the transaction.