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Right Flow for Subscription with single Trial, regardless of the plan the user chooses

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Hi everyone,

I've been working on it for several days but it seems that 1 piece is missing to close the puzzle.


I write a short recap as an introduction to better explain the need.

The company produces online services, we have integrated the payment service with paypal on our platform.


We use the SubScription Process on frontend




The company provides 1 single trial per user, but the user can purchase the same plan as many times as he wants.

(the Platform provides for the possibility for user of purchasing the same plan several times and making it cumulative)


From the SandBox we have created 1 Trial Plans, and every time the user purchases the same Plan, a Trial is always activated on each Subscription.

In reality we want the Trial to be activated only on the first subscription (lifetime of user), and not on all other subscriptions of the user, but in any Try we have done, start trial on every single subscription .

We do not find the right documentation on this point, for this reason we have try the below method:

  • we think use an API PATCH /v1/billing/subscriptions/{id} to disable trial - but in this case Trial remains active / the API return error and don't Pay the subscriptions
  • we thought of creating 2 plans, 1 with trial and 1 without trial, but if we have 5 plans it becomes impossible to manage everything

We are sure that the solution exists but we do not see it.
Please help us understand how to set up subscriptions according to this mechanism.


Premise: we followed the documentation point by point.


The platform is split between FrontEnd and a separate Backend.
And we use webhooks (on the backend) to activate the plan on the online platform.


Thank you so much

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