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Paypal registration for VOI escooters keeps failing / Paypalin valinta maksutavaksi ei onnistu

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Hello all,

I wonder if anyone else has had issues when activating Paypal as payment method for VOI scooters?
I've tried several times through the app but doesn't work... it fails at the final step labelled "Finishing up.." and only says "OOPS! An error occured. Please try again."  I've tried again several times already.. 


I'd really love to use Paypal instead of credit / debit card as a payment method for the e-scooters and would appreciate hearing if others have faced similar issue. Thanks!


Onko muilla ollut ongelmia Paypalin rekisteröimisessä VOIn maksutavaksi? 
Jostain syystä rekisteröinti tökkää minulla viimeistelyvaiheessa ja antaa vain ilmoituksen "OOPS! An error occured. Please try again.
Olen kokeillut uudestaan jo aika monta kerta... Aina sama juttu.

Kiitos avusta!

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