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Paypal Stopping of Split Payments

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We have a paypal sandbox account which we use to test the prototype of our website. Our website is a marketplace for buying and selling online businesses. Once the buyer purchases a website, the payment of the buyer is splitted between the Seller and the Admin of the website. Payments I'm referring to is for the following: 1. Seling price - goes to seller 2. Commissions - goes to Admin Now, my developer advise that the split payments will no longer be continued by paypal? Is that correct? So we have a problem now on what payment gateway can be used as paypal will already be costly from our end. This is such that our new option would be to collect all the selling price of the website and then transfer it to the seller less commissions. Therefore, the risk of refunds is on the admin and the charges are chargeable the admin in case of such scenarios. Can you please clarify the removal of bill split payments between the marketplace administrator and the seller? Thanks.

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