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Payflow_dotNET.DLL and TLS 1.2


Payflow_dotNET.DLL and TLS 1.2


We're using this DLL (Payflow_dotNET.dll) for processing payments in .NET. We have a special situation where we are accepting payments to be transmitted directly to our client's Paypal accounts instead of to our own. I'd brought up in a previous forum whether there was a RESTful API roadmap for this situation and recently a moderator introduced us to "PayPal for Marketplaces" so we're looking into that as a upgrade from what we're doing now. However, our timeframe probably will extend past June so we need to verify whether our current DLL will operate properly with Paypal post-May.


Here is the DLL info:
Payflow.dotNET.dll (Payflow SDK for .NET)
Copyright 2009 PayPal Inc.
176 KB


I did recently find an upgraded DLL (version 4.4 dated 2010) but it looks like everything has been deprecated since in favor of RESTful API-reliant environments. Our Windows Server currently supports TLS 1.0, 1.1, 1.2. We would like to keep TLS 1.0 on the server for a little while longer as some of our client's have not been able to upgrade their services past 1.0...this can be worked around but we'd like to know if this DLL will automatically negotiate at the highest supported TLS version (1.2).


When we tested the server by opening the test url ( on the server in a browser, we got back PayPal_Connection_OK. But this doesn't really test the DLL, and might really only apply as a test for RESTful API implementations imo.



This is where I found the 4.4 version of the DLL


Re: Payflow_dotNET.DLL and TLS 1.2

Apologies, I meant for this to be posted in the Payflow Pro section not in Sandbox...can't move this topic though...