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Payflow Pro Refunds via API

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We are trying to determine if refunds are supported through Payflow API.  There appears to be conflicting information in the documentation or just terminology differences.


Regarding "Refund" 


We received this from support (as well as here

"You can only refund a transaction that has not been settled. You need to include the original transaction ID obtained from the transaction's response"


- this raised a red flag with us that you can only refund a transaction that hasn't settled


In looking at "credit transactions" ...

It is recommended that the merchant issue a credit only if the original transaction has already settled. Even though it is possible to issue a credit to a transaction that has not settled, it is recommended that you void such transactions.


- Our assumption is that they are using "refund" to mean "void"


And just below void we see this



Our assumption is that we CAN refund (give money back) or void (cancel an unsettled transaction) but just wanted to be sure before we commit to a project.




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