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PayPal & WooCommerce issues

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PayPal & WooCommerce issues

I have a WP site using WooCommerce.  When a customer reaches the checkout page, and chooses PayPal, the screen doesn't progress, but rather sends the customer in a loop.  Quite often the order is generated as 'Pending Payment' but funds are not taken.  The customer then either leaves the site or uses other means to pay (stripe). 

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Re: PayPal & WooCommerce issues

This could be caused by a number of different things. Would need to see an example of the experience or some log files or something more.


Are you working with a specific plugin, or are you working with the basic PayPal that is included with WooCommerce?


I would recommend you check our PayPal for WooCommerce plugin. It has a lot more features and functionality than the basic PayPal with Woo, and you shouldn't have this problem with it.



Angell EYE -
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