PayPal $10 Reward - Valid until December 14th. (Having Difficulties claiming)

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Hello PayPal Community, My name is Deserae. I have had a paypal account/card for quite some time now and have been recieving tons of emails from PayPal regarding the rewards that have been offered to me several times. I tend to check my email from time to time so the first offer which was a $10 Reward that was sent to me by email. Unfortunately it was too late to claim the $10 because it was a temporary/one time deal. Now, I have recently gotten the same email sent by PayPal itself that I had gotten a $10 reward, but when I click on the link to claim the $10 it won't process for some reason. The $10 reward is valid until December 14th, 2020 so I am hoping that you guys can help me claim that reward for me. Thank you very much for your time and consideration, and I look forward into getting this situation resolved.
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