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PayFlow Pro Hosted Pages with TRXTYPE=L

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Hello, for PCI compliance reasons, I'm looking to implement the PayFlow Pro Hosted Pages.


I'd also like to use the tokenization / reference transaction pattern (TRXTYPE=L).


Does the tokenization work with the hosted pages? I don't see a way of setting TRXTYPE=L for the hosted pages. I can set it when obtaining the secure token, but at that point I don't have the credit card information yet.


My ideal scenario would be:


  • Get Secure Token from PayFlow Pro
  • Display PayFlow Pro hosted page in an iframe on my website.
  • User submits iframe, my website receives the reference transaction, but the card is not charged.
  • User continues working on my site.
  • When everything's ready, they click "Purchase" on my site, at which point I use the reference transaction to charge the card.

Thanks for any help!

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