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On Paypal Payflow Tokenization

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We are interested in providing the tokenisation feature to our retailers who are currently using Paypal Payflow Pro. Typically, this feature will allow our retailers to store their customers’ credit card data in the form of a token which will then allow them to charge them using only that token.

We are aware that the tokenisation is already provided through Braintree but our retailers are wondering if the same is also available for Payflow Pro given that this is what they are currently using. We had a look at the official documentation available here but couldn’t find anything relevant to tokenisation. The nearest thing we found was but then it is very vague how it is supposed to work given that it is limited to Amex and doesn’t explain the mechanism by which we should obtain those tokens.

We will therefore appreciate if you could shed more light on the issue.

Kindest regards,

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