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Modify message when the transaction is complete for PayPal payments

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First this question isn't about the customized PayPal screens, but instead I use PayPal as one method of payment in my website.  That is, the user can select to pay by credit card (through PayFlowPro API) or they can pay through logging into PayPal (I provide both).  When they choose the PayPal option, my website provides a login to PayPal for the customer.  Then the customer enters login credentials and then chooses their payment type that they have available and then completes the transaction.  At the point of completion, a PayPal screen comes up and says, (paraphrase) "We're taking you back to <name> to complete the transaction."   Of course it's putting in my company name here for <name> and was wondering how I can change that to something else other than my company name...would prefer to have it my app name instead (which is different from my company name).  Can this be done through the site?  Any help understanding how to modify this would be appreciated?  

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