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Mobile + Server integration


Mobile + Server integration



I'm trying to integrate PayPal into a mobile App + server.

The App provides services (actual, physical services, performed by a partner) and we wanted to charge the client immediately after service completion.

This would require us to be able to request the user to provide us with some PayPal credentials and a way to use them whenever necessary to create the order, attach it to the client and capture the funds.

Basically, a checkout process similar to Uber.


I'm thinking the client "credentials" would be captured on the mobile Apps, with the actual checkout (order + capture) performed server-side using the client's "credential" upon service completion.


I confess I'm a bit lost, as it appears to me the checkout process can only be initiated by the client, and I fail to see how to attach an order to a client.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you in advance,