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How can we use PayPal service as an escrow service?

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Which PayPal service is well for realizing our payment flow ? (in below)
Or which services to build in?


Now we are about to release a global C to C EC-like platform service (similar to eBay).

There are 2 customers (seller and buyer) and platform (our company).

Our payment flow needs below conditions.

  1. buyer pays to our platform. (seller still does not get paid)
  2. seller sends goods to buyer.
  3. After buyer receives the goods, seller gets paid from our platform.
  (our platform get **% of the payment as service charge.)


The most simple way to realize this flow is our business PayPal account get paid from buyer and keep some days and pay out to seller.
If we do this way, our company is forced to keep money as our asset. But I think it’s illegal in Japan.


Thank you.

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