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Declined: 10626-Transaction refused due to risk model

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Has anyone being able to resolve the following error? Your Credit Card could not be added because of the following transaction error : Declined: 10626-Transaction refused due to risk model. I have been working for the past week trying to get it resolved. We deleted the merchant account and re created a new one and the same message still persist. I have been in multiple support calls with PayPal for hours and it seems that no one have a clear understanding of what is going on. We used payflow to allow students to make payments online using the paypal api and everytime a student tries to add CC the message always show preventing them to make payments. This has been escalated multiple times and it seems that no ones really cares. The institution is seriously considering other options. They are paying Paypal around 20k a month and we they still can't resolve the issue. Does anyone here knows how to resolve this? 



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