Convincing my customers to use paypal as a tool to pay

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Hi everyone, my name is Cham Almalla, I'm an entrepreneur and founded an online dance platform where people can learn how to dance from home. In UAE, it requires a lot of papers and money and a ridiculous minimum balance in a business account for you to be able to open one and use it for payment gateway and e-commerce and so I decided to use solely PayPal as a payment gateway on my website and have been losing sales because of that. I don't know what to do and I feel like I embarked on a saleswoman job for PayPal, instead of convincing my clients to use pointine, my online website, I'm now convincing them to use PayPal to complete their subscription plan payment. any tips on how to make this easier for me and not do two sales in one sale. I'm from Dubai and my business is based in Dubai but accessible worldwide. 

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