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Any Way to have a "Pending" time on each transaction to eliminate charge back/too many modification?

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Please allow me to ask for your Help asap....

Our project is creating an online platform involved to super market & we are trying to set up new site for the market customers can use.


So, here is what we are designing as a platform progress structure.

  • Customer chose what he/she likes to buy from the market online site & place an order
  • Market (admin) confirms the order receiving & make sure they have everything gets ready. (it’s cause sometimes we noticed that market could run out of product stocks/inventory at the moment)
  • Meantime, the Payment (Order creation Payment from customer) stays in the PENDING (AUTHORIZING)
  • After market (Admin) confirms the order the FINAL PAYMENT AMOUNT PROCEEDS and release the PENDING. (either they get ready everything, or they have to prepare partial of their orders (ex. They are out of tomato soup cans, so they take out this ($5.00) from total order amount),


In order to reduce any unnecessary steps (paying all full amount at order and later on, provide partial refund or full amount refund by cancelation), we were wondering if there is any way we can create the transaction with few hours of PENDING on every transaction. (few hours to max. 24 hours)


This way, we can eliminate any potential charge back/refund due to the inventory status or order change from the customer side (considering the super market characteristic)


Hope you can understand our concern & kindly advise us if there is any way to set up like this.

(if it’s not available, then we like to know if Partial Refund is available on transaction: EX: Total order was 5 items $100, but no tomato soup, so we provide partial refund of $5.00 from the total order)


Thank you so much! Hope to hear from you soon.

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