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8Paypal cash card

New Community Member

8Paypal cash card

I have sold an item on the Offerup app. And have put my paypal cash debit card as payment option for deposit. Will the money from offerup deposit be processed correctly onto my paypal cash card. Offerup asks for a debit card or bank account information. So i am hoping ny money will still clear since the paypal cash card js a mastercard and is pretty much like a bank card. I just wanted ro be sure. Has anyone here used ur paypal cash card for deposit option on offerup?

Re: 8Paypal cash card

I did the same thing recently. Got a message from Offerup saying Your payment for "blabla" was sent to your bank on "tomorrow's date" (not sure why it uses future date). Maybe I should wait till tomorrow for money to show up. Will update.


Update: received money to my Paypal account yay!