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Hi, so I’ve been contacting paypal since 5-2-2020. They didn’t get back to me for 24hrs. I’ve been in constant contact with them since. I’ve spoke to multiple different people through the message center. I have 2 PayPal accounts & now a third because of the stuff they just did. I buy & sell things online. I have one account with my legal name & one account with my nick name. My nick name one I used as my main because I didn’t want random people if they aren’t my friends or family to know my government name. So this lady tried to make a payment to me through an invoice & mind you about a month ago I sold the same thing just a different size & had no issues. So I guess with in that month my bank somehow unlinked or wasn’t confirmed or something so they told me to wait 48hrs to try again which would be today. So I did & today I try & no one seems to want to help or get to the bottom on why it’s not working. I provided my SSN like the lady said to add to my account. I asked to speak with a supervisor multiple times. & it kept giving me an error saying my phone number isn’t in my name. It’s weird & confusing but anyways so the lady I was speaking with connected me to 3 more different people so now I’ve spoken to about 7 people and none of them have resolved my problem. The last guy named mhey or some dumb name. Tells me to delete my account or he’s going to delete it because I didn’t use my legal name & used a nick name but PayPal gives me an option to change my nick name to my legal name & he said he’s not going to because it’s a fictitious name or something. So I asked to speak with a supervisor for the 10th time & said it was **bs** & that I had provided all the documents to show it’s me plus more. & instead of being professional, laughs & limits my accounts & deletes all the messages from everyone I’ve spoke to since 5-2-2020. All I wanted was to link my bank & change my nick name to my legal name & out of everyone I spoke to did nothing & the last guy must’ve had little man syndrome & was a **bleep** & deleted or banned my account to where I can’t use it or anything. I need to speak with a supervisor immediately and don’t know how or who to contact for that




Okay , so you telling us you already been in contact with 7 different staff members when we cant even reach one ... 

As per their conditions and terms you are not allowed to have more than 1 account , or you can have 2 even 1 account is personal and the other is business account . 

This is a financial company and from obviously reasons and to avoid money laundry you need to be registered with your real name to match the details (real name) from Bank details as well .  If you been able to get away so far with this that mean you somehow bypassed their automatic security check but doesnt mean was okay what you did ..... now by having 3 accounts you even risky to have all 3 accounts closed . 

I mean i dont know the law , but because you use a nickname instead of real name for commercial transactions they can even saying you do this to bypass tax system or something . 




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