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getting the run around

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been dealing with a dispute since before the covid virus I have done everything that paypal needed me to do to receive a resolution everytime I check the status of my resolution they keep changing the date to a later date this has been going on since late November  I proved that the item sent to me was counterfeit it was fake I sent items back to seller paying the return shipping emailed them numerous times to no avail paypal assured me that once the seller gets item which I gave tracking info to paypal and everything they asked still no refund I thought paypal was always there for protection from this and I have not gotten the protection that I thought I would receive I did chat to only be told that it could be hours for help and when the agent finally did answer which was 6 hours later they closed the chat because I couldn't answer them and with not having a way to talk on phone with them its crazy they should just refund my money has anyone else having these problems and is there a way to get thru to paypal to talk to someone ????

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