Refund nightmare by PayPal .

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Let me explain this. Because it looks like Paypal wants too steal my money.

1 I sent 2 payments too an email which was given to me.

2 these payments had to be canceled . (which i did on the same day)

3 the money was never accepted by the reciever.

4 So ofcourse the money had to be refunded to me .

5 Paypal did the part of logging the canceled payment and refund but not in details. (1 month later seems like they blocked me from even         seeing details in the list i cant access it anymore.)

6 the refund is suposed to have been sent to me the 14th of june which never happend. They only sent me 1 refund on this day. 

7 i tried resolution center couldnt open anything since its not the user who i sent money the problem is with but with Paypal.

      i Started to sent them emails about this issue about where the refund is why its taking long when will i recieve when can i expect it back.        I got the turn around and lies of not 1 but many of thier own people. 

8   1month and 4 days later am still missing a good chunk of my money and nobody is lifting a finger to help only too shove things under the rug.  You cant talk to anybody because they always change who you interact with .  Running out of options and ideas on this matter. 

I need help this is realy the worst experience  and its alot of money they trying too make dissappear of mine.

Good thing i have the print screen of it all too prove it .

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