Problem setting up SFTP reports users (invalid bank account)


We are trying to setup a SFTP user account following the manual.

In the validation step, PayPal asks for the full back account number and after typing it, the process returns an error, like the back account it's invalid.

I'm sure that the back account introduced it's exactly the same that we have configured and verified in the account.


Identity verification error


Has anyone solved this?


Thank you 🙂


@MTS_Ciaran you mention this process in another post, but did you ever get error?

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Hello @aferrandini 

Thank you for posting to the PayPal Community.

That error message means the bank account entered for validation was not correct. If you are pointed to Live you will need to ensure that you are entering the bank account exactly as it was entered in your PayPal Account, including leading zeros if that was provided.


If you are pointed to sandbox, you can get the correct full bank account for the sandbox account from the developer dashboard.

Here are the steps:

  • Log into the developer dashboard at
  • Go to Sandbox Accounts, under Testing Tools
  • Click on the three dots to the right of your sandbox account
  • Click View/Edit Profile
  • Click on the Funding Tab
  • The Full Sandbox Bank account will be displayed

Thank you,




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Thank you for your response @MTS_Jennifer but this doesn't solve the problem.

In our case, the problem happens in production environment and we are 100% sure that the IBAN we are typing is correct.

The problem must be something internal of PayPal and it's bothering us a lot because the error message shows that some information is required but we don't know what is this information...



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