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Paypal Postback Website returning HTML document instead of "Verified" or "Invalid". Worked Before.

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Hey guys,


So I've been struggling with this for the last couple months or so.  Something has changed within the last couple months and it has caused our Paypal Integration to not work.


For some reason now, the Postback returns raw HTML instead of the "Verified" or "Invalid".


Has anyone encountered this before and is there anything we can do to fix this?  I tried opening up a support ticket a while ago with Paypal, but the support on it has been somewhat lacking and I haven't received an answer. 


This is the code that our server uses to handle and verify that the payment went through correctly.


private static void EndVerification(HttpWebRequest webReq, string state, HttpWebResponse webRes)
   var content = webRes.GetContent();

   System.IO.File.AppendAllLines("IPN.log", new[] {"\n\nREQUEST:\n", state, "\n\nRESPONSE:\n", content});
   if (Insensitive.Contains(content, "VERIFIED"))
    using (var queries = new WebAPIQueries(state))




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