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Payment issue

New Community Member
Posted on

I'm new here. i have to send money of 368 SGD to Singapore. if i link my account which is in Central bank of india, How much money i have to pay? will Paypal send this money to the receiver end successfully?

Reply Me ASAP...


Payment issue

New Community Member

Is it possible for Paypal  to get a refund back for me. 

I have order a Electric Sprayer on Facebook in January

and i have heard nothing back from the Company that I Ordered from. 

I have sent them so many Emails and i haven't had one reply back from them.

So it looks like it is a Scam and the Thieves that they are. 

I have asked them a number of times for a Refund and still no reply. 

Is Paypal able to Help. 

          Cheers.. Bill .. 



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