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PayPal Checkout v2 SDK - IPN Notification

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Currently am trying to implement payments via paypal/checkout-php-sdk. 


Everything works smooth. But when it comes to IPN,It does not seem to be working as expected.


As i can see from the documentation:


If you enable the IPN service, PayPal sends messages to the IPN listener at the URL you specify in your account profile. If you want, you can override this URL in order to associate a different IPN listener with a specific transaction. To do this, you can either:

Specify the URL of a different listener in your definition of a PayPal Payment Standard button or
Pass the URL of a different listener to a call of a PayPal API operation


I am trying to pass the url when am creating the order. But it doesn't seems to be working. Is there any specific parameter that needs to be passed? Am using OrdersCreateRequest.

e.g notificationURL, notifyURL, notify_url? 


Thanks in advance.

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