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Instant Payment Notification (IPN) PROD - no notifications being sent since 12/8/22

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Was something updated on or after the 12/8/22??? That's when I got the last notification...


I'm using very similar PHP code to the example provided by PayPal, and it's been working w/o issues for past 8 years, and now since my last one on 12/8/22 I have not gotten any IPN notifications, I have even disabled it and re-enabled it. 

I have tried re-sending the Notifications using the Instant Payment Notification (IPN) history page, and I just get nothing... no errors and no notification on my end. Anyone ran into this issue lately?


Thanks, any info or tips appreciated!


Instant Payment Notification (IPN) PROD - no notifications being sent since 12/8/22

PayPal Employee

Good day @TheDoc_Uprising,


Thank you for posting to the PayPal community.


If you do not receive any IPN messages from PayPal:


  • Check your IPN history on

    Note: IPN Simulator messages will not appear in your PayPal account IPN history.

    Your IPN history tells you whether PayPal sent a given IPN message and whether your listener responded to it. This page may also provide information about the status of the server on which your listener is running. If necessary, you can request that PayPal re-send a given IPN message via the IPN history page.

  • Check that the path to your IPN listener is correct, and that you are using this path correctly in your IPN notification URL.

    Tip: Do not use "localhost" URLs. Since IPN uses back-end server-to-server communication, setting a path to localhost causes the IPN service to post to itself rather than to your server.

  • Verify that your firewall is not blocking HTTPS POST request messages from PayPal.

  • Check your web server's access and error logs.

    The access log tells you whether your server is receiving IPN messages at all, while the error log lists any errors that have occurred on your server.

  • Check your programming language's error log.

    Many scripting languages write to a log if an error occurs while executing a script. If your web server's access log shows that PayPal is sending IPNs but your listener is not responding as expected, the listener script might contain an error. Often, your language error log tells you what this error is and where it occurs in your listener script.

  • For IPNs configured to be sent to your return URL, for example, for PayPal button code, do the following:

    Note: This type of IPN cannot be tested using the IPN Simulator.

    • Verify that the return variable in your button code is set to your listener's URL. This variable defines the URL to which your customer is redirected upon completing payment at
    • Ensure that the rm variable in your button code is set to 2, so PayPal uses the HTTPS POST method to redirect your customer to the specified return URL. This is required since PayPal sends IPNs as HTTPS POST requests.
    • Check that AutoReturn in your account profile is turned off. 




PayPal/Braintree MTS


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