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IPN on custom website code


IPN on custom website code

For 4 to 5 years we have been using our custom code that when a payment is made or a person signs up on our website site and pays their fee we get certain info from Paypal and we automatically mark these as paid in our database. 

Recently 2 months ago it has been intermittent. Now we are not getting info hardly at all.

I still get my emails for every payment.


Has paypal changed their code? Can anyone help me please?




Re: IPN on custom website code

My site started to have the same issue recently also. Customers on my site pay but an IPN notification to our server never gets sent, I even check the IPN History page and it's not being displayed there too. Only some IPN messages get posted. We've been using the Adaptive Payments API for a couple of years now and are in need of a solution to this.