IPN & SandBox testing


Hi, to everyone. I was developing a checkout for a custom application and i am having problem with the paypal IPN Method. 


Current Envroiment: 

FrameWork: Laravel 

PHP Version: 7.2 

Current Boundle for PayPal: https://github.com/srmklive/laravel-paypal


The code is the same of readme in the boundle, for configurating the ipn i tryed this way: using notify_url and setting the IPN Endpoint in the sandbox account, but looking in the ipn history, there's no request. The backend part is working correctly, because with the ipn simulator i got the request. 


Any solution? 


P.S. I don't know if is normal , but using the sandbox account, i can't see any transaction between the 2 sandbox account (business & personal) 


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