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Family Savings Card Club

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Please reply! This contact number is listed in the PayPal App and in an email sent to me [Removed. Phone #s not permitted] When I called I connected with someone trying to scam me. This is what happened. I searched the PayPal App for a contact number and found [Removed. Phone #s not permitted] When I called it a recording said if you would like to be eligible for a $100 Family Savings Club card press 1. The man said he needed $3.95 and he would send me a $100 card to be used at several popular stores. Immediately I remembered learning, you never get something for nothing or little of nothing. I asked, What is the name of your company? He said I will transfer you now. Really suspicious now, I asked the same question again. He said, Family Savings Club. When he tried or pretended to transfer me the call disconnected immediately. I compared the number on the PayPal App with my cell phones call log. I did not misdial. Remembering there was a contact number on a PayPal email I recently received I looked up the email. It was the same number. I've heard of numbers being hijacked. When you call, it actually calls another place instead of the business you are wanting to contact. I admit I am greatly concerned because I just did some transactions on this PayPal App. I will contact PayPal via another number I recently obtained for them also which is[Removed. Phone #s not permitted] I'm also researching this company and the number and will contact the credit companies and my bank tomorrow. I'm sure this is the official PayPal App. I don't understand how a bogus number is listed on there page. I tried to do a screenshot but it is not allowed there. I cannot seem to get a shot of my email without exposing my own information either. Please reply.

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