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Facebook Messenger notifications

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I get Facebook messenger notifications when something happens on my PayPal account, whether it is a payment coming in, or the debit card was used, or whatever.  And I do like that.  However, until a month or so ago, if I got a notification, I would open up the messenger, and since I do a LOT with PayPal, you'd see the list off the different transactions and what they were.  You could click on them for more details if you wanted to.


Now, as of a month or two ago, when you open up the message in Facebook Messenger, all of the entries are now titled "Order Confirmation" instead of who or what it was.  You can see the amount there, but now you have to click on EVERY entry if you want to see who or what it was for.


I called in several weeks ago about this, but have not heard from anyone, and feel it probably went on deaf ears.


And in case you are wondering, I have removed and reinstalled the app (several times) and did it on a different phone as well, with the same results.

On a pc using a web browser going to messenger in Facebook, it works properly.  But that doesn't help me when I want quick notifications on my phone.


Hope you guys get it fixed, it used to work.



Facebook Messenger notifications

New Community Member

After I authorise a payment for an item I immediately get a notification in Messenger with Order Confirmation for items that I didn't order.

These do not show up in my account but why am I receiving them?

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