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Decimal Dot "." Instead Of Decimal Comma "'," As Separator

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Would appreciate it if anyone could explain what is the reason that PayPal uses "," instead of "." as a decimal separator to mark the border between the integral and the fractional parts.

For example in most of the places when they want to write or enter "One Thousand Dollar" they write it this way:


But in PayPal, it makes you confused, and you need to write it this way:



For decimal separation, it is easier to read/use decimal dot "." instead of decimal comma "'," and avoid any mistakes while reading or entering the amount.



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Decimal Dot "." Instead Of Decimal Comma "'," As Separator

New Community Member

This is so damned confusing!!!!!!!!!!!

I came here to check if it was a decimal separator or if it was a thousand separator.

Why put that thing there at all? If I wanted to send cents I would type 0.20

Please add clarification on the damned page that it is a decimal separator at least. I thought I would sen 20,00 (two thousand) instead of twenty.

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