Can't withdraw funds from my permanent limit account after passed 180 days


Dear PayPal Community,
My account permanent limit from last 188 days, i got mail for withdraw my funds, but i can't withdraw my funds, then i contact with support through calling, limitation department agent told me i can withdraw my funds after 48-72hr. then i tried again for withdraw my funds. i got same result. then i sent email to PayPal support. they told me i have to upload my document for verification. then i submitted my license, but not resolved my problem. they told me my document was invalid, then i did submit my passport before almost 3 days ago. not yet didn't get any response. already sent email 3 times. now i can see my my photo ID completed, but they are reviewing my business information, but i did submitted my business information submitted 188 days ago, at first PayPal did limit my account permanently without any kinds of valid reason, even i did submitted my all document, when my account was temporary limit, now what can i do ? please help me. PayPal are doing act just like ripper. i can see that, please help me anyone !

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