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2 IPN in a button, is it working ?


2 IPN in a button, is it working ?

Hi everybody.


I need to ping 2 IPN when someone buys with Paypal :

1- Clickfunnels so that people get their stuff

2- Quaderno so that it creates the invoice


As I use only buttons in Clickfunnels, i though I could put both IPN in the "advanced variables" part like this :



with a return between. At the first sell, quaderno has been pinged, but no clickfunnels.


Should it work or not ?


Tx in advance



Re: 2 IPN in a button, is it working ?

Hi, don't think it will work as the system will not know which of the two IPN to trigger.


If you want to use 2 different IPNs you should eventually create a logic that will pass dynamically the notify url varaible for the IPN.


Re: 2 IPN in a button, is it working ?

Thank you. I'm not sure to really understand what you mean by "create a logic".


 So i have another question :


If I set the button IPN to one side (like CF) and the global IPN to the invoice (Quadaro), will both IPN be called or just the one in the button ?



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Re: 2 IPN in a button, is it working ?

PayPal's system is only going to trigger one IPN URL.  What you could do is choose one of your IPN URLs to act as a primary / catch-all URL.  Then from that URL you could POST the same IPN data out to as many additional URLs as you want.


Here is an article where I've outlined how to do this with PHP.  If you happen to be working with WordPress then you might be interested in this PayPal IPN for WordPress plugin, which then has an IPN Forwarder extension available that would handle the IPN code logic for you to get this done quickly and easily.


If you're not working with PHP at all then the same procedure could be applied with whatever language you're coding in.



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