standard paypal (credit/debitcard not visible)

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Hello community,

i am having a serious problems to find the option "credit / debitcard", i just find it when i'm

clicking  the button bellow how is written "create account", when i use paypal checkout plugin

i can seen the button but with the standard paypal which comes with woocommerce plugin i can't,

can you help please...?....  

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PayPal Employee
PayPal Employee

Hi @J7Macuacua 


Thanks for contacting our community forum,


Have you tried this link, to verify if your PayPal Account Optional feature is enabled?  (login to your PayPal account):


If the issue persists,

Would you mind opening a ticket to our Merchant Technical Support:


This way, we could have a look at your integration and verify your profile settings together. I will try to pick up the ticket myself.


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