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paypal smart buttons with more than 1 product

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I would like to use the smart buttons in my click funnels. Now I don't know exactly which code or what to use / adjust to be able to charge different products / prices to my customers with the same buttons. Is it possible to adjust the price to the products they want on the page? for example, if they want product 1 5 times and product 2 want 3 times that the total of everything is then automatically charged to the customer via the smart buttens. so that the total amount that people have to pay after choosing what and how much they want is automatically charged to the customer when they press the paypall smart buttons.Schermafbeelding 2020-05-22 om 15.13.44.png


paypal smart buttons with more than 1 product

PayPal Employee

Hi @Kjell2,


Thank you for contacting PayPal community.


We apologize for any inconvenience.


I request to please use the "items" array under "purchase_unit_request".


Thank you for understanding and patience.




PayPal, Inc. 


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