payapl standard transaction not working correctly

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when make payment through sanbox it works fine but as i try to make payment on live environment means "" after payment when i click to return to merchant i do not get response from payapl and not able to record the transaction in DB on my site please help me to figure out the issue here are my client ids paypal_sandbox_clientid=AZuGfUsZWX9kHQkcUjcUw9sbO1_uHx69HlK_tYxWJbuaMsfu4qp8MB2qhpvGjlCCHQgzRMJnbTVBGVAW paypal_production_clientid=ATp6iQttbhs-RE_6HR3qo5baOFzl_t4OH2zcLfCVuV1P8vFjqZDUMLw_7SMib8Cug8i3SYPuh-0kj5c7


here is link to my site


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