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passing customer input invoice and amount to paypal.Buttons in html

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I would like to create an HTML page that I can direct customers to for payment of an invoice that has already been supplied to them by me outside of PayPal.  I would like this HTML page to accept input of the invoice number and amount from the customer and then click on the paypal button.  The input invoice number and amount should then be passed into the paypal.Buttons() as part of the createOrder() before calling the onApprove().  If I hardcode the amount as in the example for the RestAPI, I can get it to work.  But the minute I add a form to accept values from the customer, the paypal.Buttons() no longer render.  The standard buttons inside of the Business setup ask for item description and quantity and information I don't need to display to the customer and thus why I started down the customer HTML page, but I'm open to whatever will work so I can put this button or HTML on my web site, it can prompt the customer for the two variables, and then pass to the paypal engine to process.  If anyone has done this or can help with examples, thank you.

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